Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zecomo con bede (Thank you very much in Chechewa)

As i get ready to leave, the temptation is to share some special insights or thoughts about the trip. But, at least right now i don't really have any big revelations.  I had an incredible time meeting new people, seeing incredible sights, and getting back into touch with an old friend.  But while i certainly learned a lot, i didn't have a big revelation or insight.

So instead i'll leave off by just sharing some observations.

1) women in malawi can carry the most amazing and heavy things on their heads.  

2) Orange fanta is a hugely unappreciated drink.  I think i must have drank a case of the stuff already while here.. delicious.

3) Go Malawi Flames in the Africa Cup!  (they just beat Algeria)

4) And lawyers?  They aren't so bad if they can get this type of criticism...

That is it for now...... i know, nothing earth shattering or even that interesting, though i can assure you the trip itself is something i won't ever forget.

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