Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Safari!

(top is bird sounds, left is a leopard and one of her cubs)

I won't clutter this post up too much with musings, thoughts or words...  I went on safari during the rainy season, which is the "cheap" season since the animals are able to scatter about a lot more and aren't confined to drinking holes, and the roads in the park can be flooded and unsafe to travel through, which restricts access.   However, i really lucked out and got to see just about everything (the only animals i didn't see were the wild dogs, which are in the park, but hadn't been sighted for a while).

Anyway.. without further ado... on the very first drive, we found a leopard.. and 2 cubs! This completely shocked me as I was just hoping for a fleeting glimpse of a leopard..

Babies were a prevailing theme, and this baby elephant was absolutely adorable.

The first 2 days of rides we didn't see any lions, and it was looking like that may have been the one animal we would end up missing.. but on the very last ride of the last day, we got wind of some lions and Lion Hunt 2010 was successful, almost too much so!

I also got to witness some pretty cool behavior, such as impalas dueling it out..

I am not going to post too many more pictures of animals, (i ended up taking nearly 500 animal photos) but feel free to look over my picasa web album, i've got hyenas (cute) lots of hippos, elephants, Zebras, some awesome birds and some other incredibly cool animals.

The park itself was absolutely gorgeous and the views were spectacular. Here are a couple of examples.

Here is our guide Fred.

One more thing.. Hippos make the WEIRDEST noises...  it is sort of a snort laugh here is my recording of them.

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