Monday, December 28, 2009

On My Way

My watch tells me it is 2:30 am (Munich time) while my computer clock apparently has it as 7:30pm in Chicago. But the time is completely academic at this point. I am in the air over Africa, it is at night, since the sun hasn't risen in this part of the world yet, and i have about 5 more hours to fly. This has been a grueling trip travel wise, and i am just not sure how i am going to be on the other side. My usual strategy for plane rides is to make sure i am so sleep deprived that i simply sleep through most of my flight. Unfortunately, this trip had 2 red eye flights, both starting at 8:50pm, this meant i couldn't quite sleep deprive myself. Without the crutch of not sleeping for 24 hours to help me face the discomfort of an 9-10 hour flight i have predictably been unable to sleep at all inside the plane. I am a bit concerned that after i do finally finish flying, i will not have slept for like 2 straight days by calendar time. Oh well, hopefully, it'll help me get over jet lag.
Of course, this is no plea for sympathy. I am right now, listening to Mile Davis (So What), after having watched 2 movies of my choice on my personal screen (GI Joe, Garden State, i will watch Iron Giant before we land) typing on my computer. I know my complaints about my neighbors stretching themselves onto me, knocking me awake, or putting thier heads on my shoulder, would be exactly what Louis C.K. mocked about flying these days.
I already did a bit of tourism already. I had a longish layover at the Munich airport (about 7 hours); which according to the airport officials was not quite long enough to take the train into the city safely. But i lucked out and found a Christmasmarket outside the airport. The resemblance to our own christmasmarket in chicago was striking.. though when i tried to order hot cider, i got hot wine instead. Beer was plentiful (as expected), the sausage delicious, and the people exceedingly kind. I know i must have reinforced the asian tourist stereotype as i took pictures of everything including my food (sausages, bratwurst, and a pretzel), a BMW sign, and of course beer being sold with soda... Enjoy!

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